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At VEBSIKA DATA SOLUTIONS, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. A more valuable way where customers are earned rather than bought. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus on building portals for various strata of society. Each one of our portals are optimized to serve different business groups.. We see gaps in these business groups, where there is a tremendous scope for opportunity & growth. Our portals precisely addresses these gaps by promoting these business groups through technology intervention. We're excited to bridge gap for everyone through our portals, education and community.

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The key USP of this digital initiative is to help in strengthening the village infrastructure and improve the overall standards of living; development of rural citizens through Technology intervention. We strongly recommend taking necessary steps to implement for the collective benefit of Government and people to completely leverage the digital ecosystem.

Hospitracker is a complete healthcare ERP suite for small to large hospitals and healthcare service. The Hospitracker Software Suite is simple and easy to use. The Hospitracker Hospital Software comes empowered with extensive and powerful set of features which enable you to easily promote health care industry. It is highly suitable for Super Specialty Hospitals, Multi Specialty Hospitals, General Hospitals, etc.

This is a new-age digital advertising initiative, holding expertise in providing a digital edge to your business by providing advertising solutions at Mandal Level in all states. We as a digital advertising company aim at giving more significant returns on digital spending. The advertising space is never static and is continually evolving newer technologies and platforms. We pride ourselves on keeping up with trends and ensuring a steady but sustainable growth of your business through digital media.

The key USP of this digital initiative is to help showcase the information related to teaching opportunities. This is a one-stop-portal for Teachers, Lecturers/Faculty to apply for jobs online. It showcases information about the on-going admissions in various colleges/universities across India and Abroad. It can also be used for posting seminars/ Conferences/ webinars/ Trainings/ workshops/ projects with venue and contact details.

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Global Counterparts : USA, UK, AUSTRALIA & SINGAPORE.

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